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Finance and Insurance
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Robotics and Authonomus Devices
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Medical and Pharmacutical
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Oil and Petrolium
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Insurance Company

The insurance company has numerous initiatives in place to employ technology and leverage data as a transformation vehicle for business processes and services.


For example, one of the current initiatives launched by the company allows customers to take photographs and videos from collisions and transfer them directly to the company data lake. In this scenario, claims adjusters do not have to travel to take photographs, while advanced analytics and AI are employed for claims resolution. This initiative cuts costs for business, while allowing customers to get paid quicker.

While this initiative is undoubtedly beneficial to both the business and its customers, measures must be taken to ensure customer's privacy. Provided information may contain personal and sensitive data (e.g., people’s photographs, license plates, photographs of documents, videos from on-dash cameras and surveillance cameras, etc.).

Company allows customers to perform encryption on their edge devices using the AltaStata, so that transmitted and stored images, documents, and videos remain secure from both external and internal threats. Moreover, AltaStata solution provides secure sharing of sensitive encrypted data with partners (e.g., claims adjusters and other entities) and secure ML/AI processing of this unstructured encrypted data. Furthermore, AltaStata method meets GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, California Privacy Act, and other regulatory requirements for data protection.

The ML/AI can run at the cloud as well as at the company data center to access the encrypted data lake.

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Financial Service Company

Financial service institutions nowadays extract their data sources into raw data format stored in data lakes. This gives users freedom to transform raw data at a later time, once they found valuable or innovative use for it. Some of these uses only become apparent when users are able analyze raw information in all its glorious detail. 
To ensure security and compliance for data stored at rest, the organizations use applications which tokenize sensitive data, e.g., customers’ SSNs or credit cards numbers. Otherwise, system administrators and some users have excessive privileges to access sensitive data.  
The tokenizing process requires careful analysis and replacement of raw data, which is time-consuming and has potential for many kinds of mistakes. To make raw data available for further usage, tokens need to be replaced with the original sensitive data, which, once again, is a time-consuming process. This approach involves a lot of resources, is costly, and can become a nightmare for the large organizations' data lakes support departments. Tokenizing of images and videos is almost impossible.  
AltaStata transparently ensures data lakes’ security for such organizations. Instead of storing data as plain text, while tokenizing sensitive parts, data owners use AltaStata toolkit to store fully encrypted files and share access with particular users and programs. The organizations' system administrators and CISOs control user access to the data. However, they do not constitute an insider threat, as they cannot access the encrypted data. The data is available to regulators’ and auditors’ access for compliances verifications.  
Even if credentials for some users are compromised, it will not create a massive data breach, as AltaStata restricts excessive privileges by enabling each user to access only his or her data.  
AltaStata enables running fast ML/AI parallel processing of encrypted data to help protect against fraud and money laundering. AltaStata’s way of data encryption does not impact data access performance and does not require organizations to change their business processes as it supports standard data lakes APIs.  
AltaStata supports organizations' multi-cloud strategy by protecting sensitive data lakes in AWS, Azure and Google. In addition, AltaStata cuts organizations’ cloud storage costs by compressing the raw data.  

Insurance company

Autonomous Devices

The military drone or another autonomous IoT device stores a video/data stream in the cloud using AltaStata SDK. Human end users, as well as programs, can watch, process, and analyze encrypted video, data, messaging streams, sensor feeds through AltaStata data lakes in near real time, while they are still being recorded/transmitted.

Aytonomous Devics

Data analysis using ML/AI for HealthTech

BioInformatics company in Europe collects personal genomic data from all parts of the world at the AWS cloud data lake and provides the platform for researchers to perform ML / AI analytics of these data.


Using AltaStata the company is able to adhere to GDPR requirements for personal data protection.

Through the AltaStata implementation of Hadoop data lake a cluster of Spark machines transparently performs fast parallel processing of partitions of encrypted genomes. The same approach works for the entire ecosystem of ML/AI tools, including Hadoop, Impala, Tez, Presto, and more. 

In addition to Hadoop data lake, AltaStata provides a Java/Scala/Python client library, which supports files versions,  sharing, etc.

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