End-to-end encryption solution

for inter-device communication

Run ML / AI on encrypted data

without degrading cloud speed

Use AltaStata without changing your business processes for ...

Cloud Adoption

Enables use of AWS, Azure, GCP for collection and processing of sensitive and personal data


Supports Regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, California Privacy Act and more

Data Security

Protects your organization from appearing in the news due to massive data breaches

Supports hybrid clouds and IoT devices

AltaStata Data Lakes Usage 

Allows to store and compute encrypted MRI scans, system logs, live video streams with no overhead for cloud performance


Transparently supports ML/AI engines like Spark, Hadoop, Dask, Matlab, and more

Cuts cloud storage costs

AltaStata Software Suite

AltaStata Data Lakes Security 

Unique patented approach that combines client side encryption, PKI and cloud data services orchestration

Prevents data breaches by malicious system administrators and user mistakes 


Lets end users control of their data access

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